A very real war is being waged on our religious freedoms.

Christmas has always been about the sharing of love, family gatherings, gift giving, and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Everything that we love about this sacred holiday is rapidly disappearing from our schools, our retail stores, public parks and our places of worship.

This is no longer just about Christianity… it is about our freedoms and our very way of life. We are all in this together!

We responded to this attack by creating a “movement” and a SONG to go with it…


We have written and produced the following song utilizing the talents of Grammy Award winning songwriters, singers, arrangers and Artists for the sole purpose of igniting this movement, and we urge YOU to become a part of it!

Listen to this short clip of the song:

President Donald Trump Agrees!

Dennis Prager Agrees, too!


Bob Conti – Bob is a world class Artist and producer, with 12 Gold and Platinum records to his name. He has performed and toured with some of the worlds greatest Artists and has been with Jose Feliciano for over 30 years. He’s also toured, written and recorded with Diana Ross, Donna Summers, Bon Jovi and many more over the decades. Bob Conti wrote and produced Bring Back Christmas.

Jose Feliciano, the legendary 9 time grammy award winner, renowned for his song “Feliz Navidad.”

Beverly Zaslow is an award winning filmmaker and documentarian with more than 35 years in film and television. Her shows have been on PBS, Discovery, FOX, The History Channel, CNBC and on Amazon, Netflix, and Newsmax. Most recently Beverly produced “Runaway Slave,” was co-executive producer of “Hating Breitbart,” “Unfair, Exposing the IRS”, and “Border States of America.” As a long time veteran of the entertainment industry, Beverly began her career in films and television dating back to “DINER” and “KARATE KID.”

Joe Esposito

The McCrary’s


Everyday in America something very special is being taken away.

Bit by bit, a little more each year, Christmas and many of our beloved traditions are being taken away by those who don’t cherish or hold sacred our most treasured rights.

Christmas decorations are disappearing from federal buildings and saying Merry Christmas has become forbidden.

Even worse, are the terrorist attacks against Christianity itself!

Examples already this year and more from the last few years:

Organizations like the ACLU and other single interest groups have waged war on religious freedoms and are doing their very best to strip Christmas from our schools, our retail stores and places of business, parks and places of worship.

We’re not going to let that happen!


We’ve produced this song and need additional funding to get it heard all around the world!

As we approach Christmas, we will go protest establishments that won’t say “Merry Christmas” with the Bring Back Christmas Carolers, and sing BRING BACK CHRISTMAS and other beloved Christmas songs!

As much as as our funding will allow, we will BLAST the airwaves with a multi-media marketing campaign made up of articles online, a barrage of interviews on radio and television and in mass emailings.

Through the use of traditional broadcast media combined with today’s vast social media and grassroots marketing, we expect to get coverage across all news outlets from FOX, OANN and Circa News to CNN and MSNBC, telling our story and raising awareness for our cause, asking people to download the song and SING IT LOUD and CLEAR during the holidays!

With your help, we will reach the public and our message will be heard!

We’re almost there… but we need your help in the form of a contribution, small or large. Won’t you please help to BRING BACK CHRISTMAS!

©2017 Bring Back Christmas

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